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Unteachable or Gifted?

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Have you watched a child struggle in their studies? They try and try but just can’t seem to get the basics? My son had trouble learning to read. I love to read so I just could not understand how he couldn’t get the simple words. He could memorize everything read to him.

In a meeting with the school system where we were living (not this town), I was told that he was learning disabled (unteachable) and should be institutionalized and I should walk away. What?  Excuse me?  Oh, by the way, I was told his math and science scores were off the scale. I needed clarification. It meant he was at the top of the scale. Yet, the recommendation was to walk away from him.

This is whereas a mother I clung to Psalm 127:8 and Jeremiah 29:11. My son was a gift and God had plans for him.

It was time for a new school system. So, I moved (as every Army family does), and the new school had a teacher that worked with students who had trouble reading.  She put my son into a two-year program that taught phonetical reading. Low and behold! That teacher was amazing!  My son took the program and rang through it in six months. He didn’t acquire a love for reading until computer programming became a “thing”.

One year we got him a C++ programming book for Christmas and didn’t see him for two days. He came out for food. When he finally emerged, it was to tell us we needed a computer and cabling. Okay….we knew that was coming.

The school he now attended had a required reading program. By mid-year, he had read every book in the library and since he was so good at computers (which were new back then), the school asked if he could receive his reading grade by ensuring the networking and programming were continually operational. Well, sure!  Oh, and he prepared an illustration of how computers could link from one location to another which resulted in the school receiving a grant for technology expansion. Yeah, yeah, all from a junior high schooler….you know the one that was unteachable?

What happened to this child, my son? He is all grown up.  He is a computer programmer and accountant for a large international firm. The best advice I can offer to other parents is, don’t ever give up on your child. If something doesn’t click for them in learning, find another way. Try different teachers, try different subjects. Children are our future. They are worth our investment. There are good teachers and good school districts, but as a parent, you are the first teacher and advocate.

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