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A long, long TIMES ago...November 18

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October 31, 1930


Omer Little of Cleveland
Shows His Metal In Corn Field

Omer Little of Cleveland won the Cass County corn shucking contest held Monday afternoon on the 0. J. Hartzler farm, east of East Lynne, and proved to the 250 people attending that his state championship two years ago was not an accident. The record made by Little was 1,645 pounds of corn shucked in 80 minutes. After deductions of 75.5 pounds for corn left in field and 24.7 pounds for extra husks the net weight of corn was 1,534.8 pounds or a fraction less than 22 bushels. John Little, also of Cleveland, came in with a half bushel less than his brother for second place.

The other shuckers placing in the order named were: Jim Cheeseman, East Lynne; H. D. Musselman, Garden City; Kenneth Benedict, West Line; Glenn Henry, Harrisonville; Herman King, Harrisonville; Wayne Leslie Harrisonville; Ernest Allen, Garden City.

Omer Little will represent Cass County in the state contest to be held near Halls, Buchanan County, Nov. 11. In 1928 he won first in the state contest.

November 17, 1960

Such a Sour Note Is Sounded
By Des Moines Paper

The Des Moines Tribune says flies are coming back, back to Des Moines as well as elsewhere, adidng:

Those wonderful years when a big campaign used to rid a whole community of flies are a memory.

This is due in part to new breeds of flies descended from survivors of the fly-killing chemicals of the first years after World War II, when D.D.T. became generally available. However, scientists have been developing new insecticides to control the survivors.

A good deal of the resurgence of flies must be blamed on human carelessness - leaving food and decaying vegetable matter around for flies to feed and breed in, and neglecting to spray and keep tight screens.

November 20, 1980

Truman Reservoir 
Accesses Named

Sprawling 55,600 acre Harry S. Truman Reservoir will have 10 public access points open in 1981.

Currently in operation are seven boat ramps, built by the U.S. Corps of Engineers at Fairfield, Talley Bend, Roscoe Access and Sac River Access, Thibaut Point, Brush Creek, Windsor Crossing and Osage Bluff. Still to come are accesses and facilities at Sparrowfoot, Crowe’s Crossing and Bucksaw Point. In addition to the open ramps, two areas have completed camping and other facilities - Thibaut Point and Brush Creek both have additional facilities open.

Most of the other areas will be completed either in 1981 or 1982.

According to the Corps, county roads not vacated by the county that end at the lake water will remain open as fishing accesses, but no camping will be permitted in the area.

Truman Lake is Missouri’s second largest, slightly smaller than Lake of the Ozarks. Lake maps are available from the Kansas City District Office, U.S. Corps of Engineers, 700 Federal Building, Kansas City 64106.

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