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I watched an old movie last night called Mirage with Gregory Peck. The story was about a man who apparently had amnesia, but knew something he shouldn't and was being chased by some guy with money and power. I love Gregory Peck and was fully engaged in the storyline. This morning, I started to think about the movie and my mind started to make a comparison to it and what goes on in the world today. Now, I am going to ruin the movie for you, so if you want to watch it before reading on, reader beware; I am going to spoil it for you. 

This movie ends in the evil getting his due, and wouldn't it be great if real life always worked out like that. Peck's character really wanted to help with world peace, and he was working for a man that he thought had the influence and the mission that lined up with getting to that goal. Something foul happened and caused him to have amnesia, and he is just trying to figure things out. Throughout the film, people that were working for the bad guy would try to convince him he wasn't who he really was, while also trying to get information from him. During his amnesia episodes, he was also confused and muddled in his mind. 

I feel like that when it comes to politics these days. I don't know sometimes if I am coming or going, who I am, or what is the truth. Sometimes, I wonder if people, in general, have amnesia and have forgotten who they are as a nation. And there are upper echelons trying to convince them they are someone different than who they really are. Who do you trust? Who do you listen to? Where can I firmly plant my yes and no? Then, I realized that the tactics used against Peck's character in the movie were very narcissistic in nature, and maybe they are used in politics as well. 

I wonder if a group of people can use these tactics in harmony without even realizing they are doing it. Or maybe they are fully aware. Who knows? There are a couple of tactics used by a narcissist that I recognized in the movie. Gaslighting was one of them, and that is a manipulative tactic that can be described in different variations of three words: “That didn’t happen,” “You imagined it." Others I recognized were blanket statements and generalizations. Deliberately misrepresenting your thoughts and feelings to the point of absurdity. Narcissists weave tall tales to reframe what you’re actually saying as a way to make your opinions look absurd or heinous.

It seems that logical conversations do not happen much anymore. It is difficult to even get down to the truth since these tactics are being used on us every day. Many citizens have just given up and don't pay attention anymore, which can lead to people with not so good intentions taking advantage of people. I know I get weary of it, and I am sure that if one person who might be living with a narcissist would get weary of it, it doesn't surprise me that a whole nation could, too. 


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