Saturday, 13 February 2021 07:07

Don’t Let Your Car Get Stolen

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From the Harrisonville Police Department:

Old Man Winter is going to hit us all right between the eyes this weekend, and as it gets colder outside, people should be especially careful of motor vehicle thefts. From January 1st to today we have had 7 stolen motor vehicles, 3 of those were vehicles left running or had the keys in the vehicle, at either the victim’s home or at a business. According to the average price for a remote start is $118.85, which is A LOT lower than what it will cost you if your car is stolen. Leaving your vehicle running unattended is a bad idea even if you are planning to make just a quick stop. So, we are asking that you try and keep our Officers out of this crazy cold weather as much as possible and keep you from the heartbreak from stepping outside and realizing someone has driven away in your vehicle. Please Lock your vehicles and don’t leave them unattended while warming them up. From all of us at HPD, stay safe and warm this weekend.

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