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A Man with a Dream Featured

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Ever have a big dream and you just really wanted to go for it? Well, that's what Dan Bucher, owner of the Creamery, did a few years ago when he started his new business in Pleasant Hill, Missouri. Bucher is a high-energy, tough, passionate, and loyal personality and anyone can tell he knows where he is going. He is making his mark in his own community and even reaching outside its boundaries.

Bucher loves the restaurant business and was the general manager for Houstons, a restaurant chain serving American cuisine.  While he was there, he learned from the ground up every position in the industry of restaurant hospitality. Bucher spent time learning to cook quality meals and how to care for every detail from the kitchen to the dining room and then took his experience to venture out and open his own restaurant in Pleasant Hill. 

His journey started out with an ice cream shop offering ice cream cones and sundaes, serving high-quality ice cream shipped from Florida. Rumors in town spread about this new shop, and pictures of ice cream filled social media. Bucher's venture was definitely a hit. When he felt his success in the ice cream business, he decided to open a restaurant serving American cuisine to Pleasant Hill. Pleasant Hill enjoyed the quality hamburgers, prime rib, steaks, and much more.

Bucher, with the full support of his wife Nicole, was on his way to building his business and then the pandemic of 2020 gave the restaurant business a challenge that they will never forget. "The people of Pleasant Hill were very supportive," said Bucher. The Creamery was able to rise out of the ashes of COVID quickly by offering curbside and special holiday deals for hungry customers to bring home. 

Due to Cass County being one of the few counties with no COVID regulations, the Creamery saw patrons as far as the city of Topeka. Now the buzz went beyond Pleasant Hill, and Dan Bucher decided that it was time to expand again. In 2020, he took the section he was using for a gun shop and turned it into a full bar. "It is full every weekend," said Bucher.

Bucher has high expectations of his staff and service is at the top of his priority.  "When an employee leaves, they always come back," said Bucher. Executing a lunch or dinner service he explained is high energy and staying on top of it takes everyone doing their part well.

In 2021, the Creamery also started serving breakfast on the weekends. So from breakfast to dinner and ice cream for dessert, the creamery is in full throttle for the city of Pleasant Hill and beyond. 


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