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A Bus Full of Nuts

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Finding things to do for Valentine's day was challenging this year.  Bob and I usually go out on the town or do something special, but this year just had a different feel. This past year, I have spent many Wednesdays having lunch at No Worries Saloon on Cedar, and over time made many friends.  A few weeks ago, we were brainstorming something we could do for fun.  So we beyond the middle-aged group of nuts decided to rent a party bus, which was much like the OATS bus with the words "party bus" painted on it. 
On Sunday, at 2 pm, fourteen of us piled in this bus and had three locations we were going to visit. Our first stop was a place in East Lynn called Fuglys.  It is an old church that was renovated and made into a bar.  At first, I was like, a church made into a bar?  Isn't that wrong in some way?  Then, when walking in, there were families sitting at the tables eating lunch and friends playing pool.  It was a nice place to be and we made friends with other patrons quickly.  Bob and I ordered their potato skins and a glass of wine and felt the cozy warm feeling of the bar with some good friends.  
Next, we traveled down the frosty back roads to the Frog Pond in Peculiar.  Another great hole in the wall full of loyal, friendly people from another small town.  In this bar, we were given our own room to sit or move around as we liked.  We sat and visited, talked about family, COVID, and just life.  
The last bar was in Belton, it was called Brewbakers.  This bar was huge but didn't have very many people in it on Sunday.  Maybe it was because it was in a bigger town, but it definitely didn't have the same cozy, friendly feel as the other two, so we all decided to go back to Fuglys to top off our night.  
Friends, a bus, and a few country good old fashioned bars with country music and good old fashioned fun.  It was a good Valentine's day and it was good to get out with friends that we love so much.  

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