Belton schools have decided to close schools due to staff and students being out sick.  They will hold online-only classes Friday through Tuesday.  The district hopes to be back in class on January 26th. 
"We understand these are not ideal circumstances or conditions for our families, students, and staff. Please know we are doing our best to provide students with a safe environment where learning can still happen and meals are provided," school officials said.
The Missouri state statute allows a school district to shift to a distanced or virtual learning environment for 36 hours. If a school exceeds 36 hours they must make up the hours at the end of the school year or use AMI days. 
The Belton school district serves about 4500 students. The 9 campuses of the Belton School District include Grace Early Childhood Center (Birth to PreK), Cambridge, Gladden, and Kentucky Trail Elementary Schools (K-4), Hillcrest STEAM Academy (K-6), Mill Creek Upper Elementary (5-6), Belton Middle School (7-8), Belton High School (9-12), and BOSCO (K-12).