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Cass County School Districts are all trying different ways to approach going back to school amid the 2020 COVID Pandemic. 

Pleasant Hill is doing school half time while Harrisonville has gone back to school full time.  Pleasant Hill School District's total isolation as a percent of its population is .12 and Harrisonville is .54.  Enrollment for each of these schools is down by about one hundred students.  As the two schools move into the school year, both of them have stats on their website for COVID updates for the public.  

On Oct. 7, the Cass County school district superintendents met to discuss issues of common concern, including conducting school during the Covid-19 pandemic. Dr. Steve Ritter, Superintendent of the Sherwood Cass School District, led the meeting which was hosted by the Raymore-Peculiar School District according to the Ray-Pec School District website. Included in the meeting was the Pleasant Hill District superintendent, Steve Meyers, Mike Slagle, Raymore-Peculiar School District; Terry Mayfield, Drexel R-IV School District; Chrystal Mayfield, Strasburg C-3 School District; Ritter; Paul Mensching, Harrisonville School District; and Andy Underwood, Belton #124 School District. Angela Gibson, Midway R-I School District; and Sonja Yoder, East Lynne 40 School District participated online.

On Friday, October 9, the Ray-Pec school district reported four positive COVID-19 cases, one an elementary student, another a teacher at their high school, and two high school students.

According to the Ray-Pec school district website, "The Cass County Health Department and school district administrators have conducted contact tracing and notified individuals who were potentially exposed and need to quarantine related to these cases. Based on preliminary contact tracing, it appears that none of the isolations are due to school-related virus transmission."

A Harrisonville teacher mentioned that it has been kind of a mess and whole classrooms were having to quarantine due to people contracting COVID.

Many colleges in the area are planning to continue virtual classrooms in the spring. Many wonder how long it will be before going back to school as normal.  Some parents are doing well with the altered programs and others are struggling.  There are new problems to solve for the school districts as 2020 comes to a close.

Pleasant Hill R-3 Board of Education Offices