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"I understand everyone's concerns and thoughts concerning COVID numbers in our county. I will tell you that most people in our county do not wish to have a mask mandate.
The County Commission has communicated with people from all around our county. and that number far outnumbers ones that do.
I also believe it's not the responsibility of our government to mandate masks, republican or democrat. If a business chooses to require a mask, that needs to be their decision and theirs alone. For those who disagree with this, they are free not to shop at that business. The county sales tax is up approximately 8%,
I would ask you to look at the Missouri Health and Senior Services dashboard website, The information on this website will show you the statistics for all the counties in Missouri and where our county rates among the other 114 counties on cases in the last 7 days, along with other facts.
The Commission will continue to watch our numbers, talk to our citizens, and make the best decisions we feel represents our county."