Lester Bell


In September, 1949 election, Lester Bell defeated J.B. Jeans by a vote of 322 to 318. Bell had only campaigned for a short time before the filing deadline a week before the election. Lester Bell came to Pleasant Hill community when he was seven years old. After high school, he lived and worked in various locations until he permanently settled back in Pleasant Hill during the 1930’s. He was a well-known, well-liked, and much respected “character” of Pleasant Hill. In the 1960’s he moved to California and passed away in February of 1974 at the age of 83 years.

Mayor H. Tucker Smith 1925

H. Tucker Smith was an optimist with visions of better things for Pleasant Hill. Smith ran for Mayor and won in 1925.  Prior to becoming mayor he was a successful salesperson and also a builder of various buildings and houses in Pleasant Hill. Just to name a few, Smith built the Tucker Inn and the People's Theater in 1912. He died on May 25th, 1927 just short of his 65th birthday and four months shy of finishing his term in office. All flags in Pleasant Hill were lowered to half staff in honor of his passing.

McHenry E. (Mack) Long


In the very close election of September 1947, J.B. Jeans lost the mayor's race to Mack Long by a vote of 454 to 428. Mack Long came to Pleasant Hill in 1937 when he became owner of a filling station and produce business on lower First Street. He was very active as a community leader and civic supporter. In particular, he served on the Pleasant Hill School Board for ten years. He died at the age of 62 on January 18, 1966. 

1923 Mayor J.S. Thomas

A blacksmith from Ft. Scott, Kansas named J. S. Thomas married his wife near Pleasant Hill, MO in 1887. He didn't make the move to Pleasant Hill until 1893, but settled there the rest of his life. Thomas owned a successful blacksmith and coal business in 1923. He ran for mayor of Pleasant Hill and won the same year. He served on the school board as well for 18 years before retiring only when his daughter became a teacher in the district. He did not want to give any impression of showing any type of favoritism. Thomas passed away March 10, 1938, at the age of 78. 

Cass County News Friday, September 22, 1911


The farmers in general report a far better corn crop than expected during the hot weather. Some of them go so far as to state they believe the yield in the county will even be better than it was a year ago. Last season the corn in the bottoms was drowned out by high waters. This season the corn on the uplands suffered more than that on the bottom lands. Until it is harvested it will be difficult to persuade a many people that the crop will yield equal to the crop of a year ago. However the general feeling is evident that the crop is not a failure by a long ways. 

Mayor James R. Prewitt


The Prewitt family came to Pleasant Hill in 1912. J.R. was on the Pleasant Hill City Council for 6 years beginning in 1935 and was elected to his first term as mayor. J.R. Prewitt & Sons, Inc. manufactured the Belsaw Sawmill. Later, this line of equipment was expanded to include planers, edgers, gang saws, molders, etc. In addition to these machinery items, the company also produced small garden tractors, concrete mixers, and wagon unloaders. All seven of his sons were active in the business together with several sons-in-law, grandsons and granddaughters. Prewitt's first mayoralty was won be a landslide count of 330 to 32. He was then voted in as mayor for terms that began in 1941, 1943 & 1945. J. R. Prewitt died in his home on November 5th, 1951.

Mayors of Pleasant Hill

Albert G. Blakey
Mayor for the Terms Beginning in: 

Known as "Colonel" A.G. Blakey was born in Kentucky in 1831 and was president of the Agricultural and Mechanical Association of Cass County for the years of 1874 and 1875. He died sometime between 1875 and 1883.
Kennedy, Robert E.  THE MAYORS OF PLEASANT HILL 1859 - 2008,  Pleasant Hill Historical Society, July 2007

No Reason For It Friday September 5th, 1919


When Pleasant Hill Citizens Show a Way.

There can be no reason why any reader of this who suffers the tortures of an aching back, the annoyance of urinary disorders, the pains and dangers of kidney ills will fall to heed the words of a neighbor who has found relief. read what a Pleasant hill resident says:

Mrs. George Smith, First St., says: "I had a weak back for years. Most of the time it ached in such a steady way that it made me miserable. When I got up from a chair, sharp twinges shot through my back. i felt weak, tired out and nervous and had severe headaches. I used a couple of boxes of Doan's Kidney Pills and they gave me complete relief. I make it a point to keep them in the house and they never fail to keep my kidneys in a normal condition."

Price $.60, at all dealers. Don't simply ask for a kidney remedy-get Doan's Kidney pills-the same that Mrs. Smith had. Foster-Milburn Co. Mfgers., Buffalo, NY. 

A. H. McCrary Mayor 1927-1934


A.H. McCrary, one of the only men to hold the office of mayor for four terms, was persuaded to run again by friends and other citizens of Pleasant Hill. He was defeated by J. H. Swift by a mere 44 votes. During the election McCrary's car was drenched with paint. It was assumed the action of vandalism was one person who violently opposed his candidacy. McCrary lived in Pleasant Hill for 25 years and was a telegraph operator for Rock Island Line. He died in March of 1958 at the age of 63. 

Old Times September 29



September 30, 1971
Special Meeting Next Week on Business Area

A special meeting of the Pleasant Hill Citizens’ Advisory Committee and other interested persons will be held at City Hall on Friday, Oct. 8 at 8p.m.
All Pleasant Hill business people, and particularly those who own property or operate their businesses in the Wyoming and 1st Street area west of the Missouri Pacific Tracks are urged to attend the meeting.
Bill Kiesling of the Metropolitan Planning Commission Kansas City Area will be present to discuss the future of Pleasant Hill’s central business district.
Kiesling told Pleasant Hill Times he has obtained additional information from the Corps of Engineers on feasibility and cost of controlling flooding in the downtown business area, and will present this at the meeting.
There is a possibility that Metroplan will recommend the relocation of the low-lying part of the central business district if controlling the flooding does not seem practical or if the cost seems too great.
it is necessary that the people concerned express their wishes on this matter, so that the master plan for Pleasant Hill now being prepared by Metroplan can be continued accordingly.
(The master plan does not commit the city or individuals to any particular action, but an effort is being made to make it reflect the desires of the people here so that it will be of value in the future development of the city. Metroplan will also assist, when requested, in putting the plan into effect and in providing information on the various government programs available.)

Roosters to open grid season Friday September 9th, 1971


The Pleasant Hill Roosters will host Raymore-Peculiar in the first football game of the season Friday night at Skyline Field. Game is at 7:30. 

Coach Charles Harris's squad held an intrasquad scrimmage Friday night. The "purple" team defended the "white" team 19-12. Purpose of the scrimmage held annually is to determine where the teams needs improving before the first game.

Friday night's game is expected to be a thriller, as Ray-Pec is known to turn out good teams. Films of the game will be shown at the first meeting of the Rooster Booster Club on Tuesday night, Sept, 14 at the high school library. 

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