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Three projects were set to execute in March of 2021 that was pushed to November but still not completed. We reached out to the engineer at MoDOT and the engineer said they

would be starting these projects in the spring of 2022. The three projects are a Roundabout at Prairie Lane and Route 291, a Roundabout at MO 58 and Ward Rd, and new turn lanes at 58 Hwy and Route 291.
The Roundabout at Prairie Lane and MO 58 would also include resurfacing from Route 291 to Prairie lane according to MoDOT. In addition to the southbound and eastbound turn lanes, MoDOT will also be upgrading the temporary span wires to permanent signals.
At Ward and Prairie Lane, it is difficult to see and this intersection according to MoDOT has too high of a crash frequency which has drawn the engineers to create improvements for safety.
MoDOT hopes this project will also improve intersection operation at Ward Rd., Prairie Lane, and Route 291. Engineers have also planned the resurfacing of Route 58 from Route 291 to Prairie Lane.
All of these projects will involve disruptions in the flow of traffic on Route 58, Ward Road, Prairie Lane, and Route 291 during construction. MoDOT will update the public when this happens. (Download the Pleasant Hill App on your Apple or Android for quick updates.)
A Roundabout is a one-way circular intersection that channels traffic around a central island without traffic signals. According to MoDOT, Roundabouts are a great alternative to a signalized intersection when a high volume of traffic needs to get through with the least amount of inconvenience.
According to MoDOT, while signalized intersections have 20 conflict points or spots where vehicles could collide, roundabouts reduce that number to eight. Fewer conflict points, combined with slower speeds and calmer traffic, can translate into as much as 75 percent fewer crashes. Because roundabouts tend to have fewer severe crashes than signalized intersections, they have fewer crash-related injuries as well.