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A house was destroyed by a fire last Thursday, January 6th due to the use of a propane space heater helping to heat frozen pipes.  The Pleasant Hill Fire District was fully active that evening with other calls and was using the help of other fire districts. 

With only one ambulance available in the whole of Cass County, Pleasant Hill Fire District called Lee's Summit for help.  
The Firemen used over 30,000 gallons of water to fight the fire as Tanker Shuttles were brought to the scene.  Due to freezing temperatures last Thursday, the firemen had two lines freeze up and one shut down altogether.  The men would put the hoses in the trucks to warm up and start again fighting the fire.  One Pleasant Hill firefighter was injured when a frozen hose finally let loose some water and snapped back in his face.  He was brought to the hospital to be checked out and remains at home until fully recuperated.  
The home was built in 1972 and the owners were long-time Pleasant Hill residents.  The homeowners were insured and currently reside at a home on a lake. 
Chief Mark Lopez said, "When temps drop below freezing it's very important for people to heat and insulate their homes in the safest manner possible."
There was about $110,000 worth of damage to the property.