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Changes in the Changes in the State Burning Regulations

The July 22, 2020, article titled "Changes in State Burning Regulation" incorrectly noted that the regulations passed by the City Council were passed on Friday, June 28, 2020.  While a majority of the information provided in the article was derived from the City of Pleasant Hill website, the date of approval was not accurately reflected.  Bill Number 19-06 was approved on May 13, 2019 and Bill Number 19-12 was approved on June 11, 2019.  All other information contained within the article was factual and adequately conveyed the approved regulations.

Chamber of Commerce Luncheon May 2020

Three months ago, the Chamber of Commerce had a luncheon, and then COVID-19 hit and they have not been able to meet since. They did get to do the ribbon-cutting for Daddy Oh’s grand opening, but other than that, they have been quarantined like the rest of us. Therefore, meeting on the 19th of May was the beginning of their monthly meetings, even though they were not sure how many people would come.

On average 50 – 60 people attend a Chamber luncheon, but this one only hosted closer to 15 people. Though the numbers were down, the laughter, the reports, and the food were truly enjoyable. Jason Kurz, who works for Edward Jones, is the Chamber president and he led a great meeting. We began with smoked ribs, baked beans, potato salad, and a cookie all made by the staff of His Church of whom Pastor Tim is a chamber member.

After a fantastic meal, Jason went through the usual business, and then since the group was so small, he invited everyone present to share for 30-60 seconds about how things were going for them. It was truly a time of people sharing great reports of how they reinvented themselves during this pandemic for the sake of their customers.

We laughed, we celebrated each other’s successes and the sense of optimism in the room was palpable. Now, to be fair, Lisa of Community Bank of Pleasant Hill, who has been servicing all of our PPP forgivable loans, has been working her tail off and Dr. Meyers who is the PH Schools Superintendent spoke about all the changes they have navigated with school ending so abruptly, but the appreciation and applause for these people were sent from the other business leaders in the room.

In closing, Jason and Tina announced that September 11, 2020, is the date for the Chamber Golf Tournament at Country Creek Golf Course with a rain-out date scheduled for September 18, 2020, and Dr. Meyers told us that June 5, 2020, they will be having Prom at the United Methodist Church. We then headed to the sanctuary of His Church for a 5-minute presentation by Pastor Tim, who played a video of Pleasant Hill and sang a song about greater things that are still to be done in our city. It was a beautiful ending to a great meeting.

It was yet another great meeting with the Chamber members and leaders. Though we were few, we were mighty glad to be meeting together again.

Changes in the State Burning Regulation

 On Friday, June 28, 2020, the City of Pleasant Hill City Council Approved Ordinance 1816 and Ordinance 1810 regarding the regulation of open burning and fire pits.  The City enacted these ordinances in response to the March 30, 2019 revision of the Missouri open burning regulation, 10 CSR 10-6.045 allowing local municipalities, counties, and fire protection districts to define and enforce their own restrictions.

Burn permits will now be issued by the City of Pleasant Hill, with exception of defined fire pits and patio fireplaces which are excluded from the permit process.

Fire pits and patio fireplaces are described as an outdoor, above-ground structure or portable fireplace no larger than 3 feet in diameter and constructed of steel, concrete, clay, stone, or other noncombustible material.  Only small twigs, branches and untreated wood generating on the property shall be burned.  No leaves, household waste, construction or demolition shall be burned and the owner must maintain control at all times.  Open burning in fire pits and patio fireplaces is allowed on all properties at any time. To see the complete list of regulations regarding fire pits and patio fireplaces, see bill number 19-06.

Each individual in the city limits wishing to open burn must obtain a permit from City Hall, at no charge.  Open Burning is described as the burning of materials where the products of combustion are emitted into the open air without passing through a chimney or stack from an enclosed chamber, not including fire pits, or patio fireplaces.  This could include burning for land clearing operations or for residential burning of vegetative waste.  Additional provisions apply for land clearing operations.  Burning is allowed between sunrise and one hour before sunset.  The burn must be supervised at all times and will not be allowed during times of unfavorable weather conditions or if it creates a nuisance or public health hazard to others.  If open burning will occur within 200 yards of an inhabitable dwelling, waivers must be obtained.  Permit approval will also include a visual inspection by the Fire District. To see the complete list of regulations see bill number 19-12.  


Fourth Annual Community Clean Up

Saturday, May 16, Riki and Pam of Keller Willliams sponsored a community cleanup day for the city of Pleasant Hill Missouri.  The pair rented three massive dumpsters, placed them in their parking log in the middle of town, and at 8:30 am, cars were lined up down highway 7 to dump their junk.  Truck loads of insulation, old doors, broken drywall, and other trash was brought to the site and dumped.  Riki and Pam's Mission Statement is to "Assist people in Realizing their Dreams of Home Ownership by providing Education, Compassion, and Integrity with Loyalty, Ethics, and Top-Quality Customer Service."  


Donation Presentation

On Tuesday, June 23, 2020, at 12 pm, the Pleasant Hill Times was invited to the donation presentation of a check to Dana with the PH Animal Control.  A check in the amount of $2706 was presented to her.  The money was raised by putting on a garage sale the prior weekend.  Dana was also presented with a bag of goodies and a jar of financial donations that were not counted by Grant’s Homes, but rather just presented to Dana as an additional gift from the community to her.

Dana was obviously overjoyed by the gifts presented to her and stated she would be using the money for vaccinations for the dogs that she rescues and forgetting the animals spayed or neutered.  If Dana is not able to find the home of the pets she picks up, she takes them in, makes sure they are up to date on all shots, and then adopts them out to families looking for a new pet.

Grant’s Custom Homes were the organizers of this community event, but the city of Pleasant Hill made this donation possible by their generous donations of garage sale items and financial contributions.  On behalf of Grant’s Custom Homes team, and Dana, thank you Pleasant Hill, your generosity is appreciated.

Cass County Fair Canceled


The Cass County Fair was officially canceled at the Monday night council meeting on May 11, 2020 due to COVID-19. 

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