Thu, May

Pleasant Hill's own, Seargeant Todd Burris, had a goal to ride the trail from Pleasant Hill to St. Louis. A video of him ringing the bell that signaled the completion of his trip was sent to the Time by his mother along with a picture of Burris on his bike.  He completed the trek last Sunday.

The Big Boy train came through Pleasant Hill this week on Tuesday at about 2:45 pm.  About 2 to 300 people came out to see the train in all of its glory.  It was an eventful afternoon. There were photographers looking for a great shot and talking cameras, and there was even talk about starting a Pleasant Hill photography club. 

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It was nice to see the Big Boy locomotive visit Pleasant Hill. It was also kind of sad. That gigantic piece of equipment just sitting there with people milling around it reminded me of a caged lion in a zoo. This beauty was not made to sit and be admired.

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Vicky Hartzler was the speaker at this week's Pleasant Hill Chamber meeting.  There were several new members present and Hartzler spoke about current events.  

First, thanks for allowing me to be part of this group. My kids are grown now. My baby girl is KCPD and my son is a 2LT US Army- they deal with mask mandates, vax mandates, and all the nonsense this world has become.

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There are two people are in custody following a drive-by shooting in Pleasant Hill that occurred in Baldwin Park at about 3AM.

Cass County deputies were called to the area of Circle Drive and found one vehicle that appeared to have been shot numerous times. There were no injuries.
A witness was interviewed. 

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